Friday, November 20, 2009

Pop Culture

It seems that 'pop-up' spaces are increasingly - well - popping up everywhere. Whether it be a retail store, bar or restaurant, creating a temporary space is fast becoming the best way to get people through the door and increase brand awareness.

The latest of these pop-up venues to hit Sydney is The Pond, a three month bar and restaurant nestled in a heritage cottage space in Burton Street's new bar triangle, between Pocket bar and the equally European feeling Dr. Pong. Having been starved of small, interesting independent bars for so long - and with a jealous eye on rival city Melbourne's thriving bar culture - it comes as no surprise to find that Sydneysiders are flocking to the latest venue openings in their droves.

The Pond is also a clever piece of experiential marketing created by Pure Blonde, building around their campaign, 'A place much more pure than yours'. We love the interactive website, which fuses venue information with campaign elements such as the TV advert.

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Tuesday, November 10, 2009


If ever you've wanted to learn about how to make a building from air and plastic, E2's creative director, Alex Ritchie, will be talking about the sensibilities of transient structures in a public talk at Corporate Culture in a couple of weeks time.

Alex will draw on a gamut of inspirational inflatable spaces and express his views on the renaissance of impermanent structures in recent years. In what promises to be an informative and entertaining evening, the discussion will then move to cover the place of inflatable architecture in the commercial design world and lessons that can be applied to the design of exhibition, event and built environments. We promise you this talk wont be full of hot air!!

Inflatable Architecture

Corporate Culture

21-23 Levey Street,


Thursday 3rd December 6.30pm

RSVP Hettie Dearn