Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Experience What?

Amongst the gamut of creative, digital, media and integrated marketing agencies, E2 can confidently own the sensory engagement approach. And as more and more communications with consumers are all about changing human behaviour, and building brand preference, it is likely that this sensory approach to communications will become more prevalent in the future.

With this perspective in mind, E2 have come up with a series of talks which do exactly that, they talk about how we can develop in depth conversations with consumers, across a multitude of experiences by engaging the 5 senses.

Experience Corner will be running as part of State of Design Festival in Melbourne (14-25th July) and Sydney Design Week (31st July - 15th August). These talks come of the back of E2 winning B&T Experiential Agency of the year. The talks will challenge opinions and current customs about, mainly experiential design. By bringing the design and communications worlds together we think we could be defining a new category.

I can't reveal the speakers just yet, but they are all authorities on how experiences can change how we respond to brands, be it design, digital, retail, sensory, etc, you get the picture?

Watch this space over the forthcoming weeks for further info.

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