Monday, September 14, 2009


Next month E2 celebrate two years in the industry, and what a fitting way to mark the occasion but by moving into their refreshing new offices in Paddington.

This experiential agency has architects, interior designers, strategists, graphic designers and producers working together through the entire planning process, through to execution.

This breadth of talent has allowed them to successfully deliver experiential solutions across a gamut of brands, including Qantas, Commonwealth Bank, Apple, Sony, Kodak, Westfield, Herman Miller, Crestell and the list goes on.

Project after project, E2’s grounded philosophy which is about creating experiences as the powerful driver of human behaviour has ensured the success rate across retail, experience centres, exhibitions and events. For Qantas it’s about investing as much of their $10 million budget into the user end experience, so that employees can touch, see, hear and smell the brand’s customer service excellence. For Westfield, it’s about understanding the psychological mind states of the consumer when they shop and delivering a highly intuitive in-store experience in a relevant and memorable way. For Herman Miller, it’s about creating an immersive experience that merges design with innovation to celebrate this timeless brand.

But E2 is so much more than just the ROI on your bottom dollar. It is the passionate and enthusiastic people at E2, all bound by a common purpose to drive innovation and exploration, which sets this agency apart from any other of its type in Australia.

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