Friday, May 6, 2011

The World Park

The World Park was created by Michael Ferrare, Founder of Agency Magma — a next generation advertising and creative content agency that helps brands explore new and innovative marketing approaches. Magma specialises in integrated media campaigns.

The participate in this event, all you need is a web-enabled smartphone and a Parkode™ or Qr-Code reader. On the day of, you receive a map which helps guide you along an interactive tour of New York's Central Park.

Using the QR-Reader application, you can scan our location-based game codes called Parkodes™ — small digital trees. Each Parkode™ reveals a question relating to its exact location.

Answers come along with entertaining content and information you perhaps never knew about Central Park. Every map has a personal scorecard which you can use to compete with your friends across categories such as: Science & Geology, Pop Culture, Art & Music and History.

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